All in one Raspberry Pi powered X-Arcade Tankstick

A guy on YouTube by the alias i64X has fitted a Raspberry Pi inside an X-Arcade Tankstick to make an all in one Retro Games controller.

The Tankstick is well known in the arcade games community as a great control system, solidly built and designed to last. Many people use them when building their full size games systems.

This project however decided to fit the Raspberry Pi inside the Tankstick and make it a portable and simple to use device. All that is needed in connection to a TV via HDMI and power.

The video runs through exactly what was used in getting the Pi installed in the Tankstick as well as each step of the process. While it is a tight fit with all the components inside the Tankstick it goes together pretty easily and can be done by any hobbyist.

Checkout the video on YouTube here

  • Danny L Cooper

    Ok. This is NOT an X-Arcade Tankstick. Has anyone installed a raspberry pi in a tankstick? I have a tankstick and a couple on RP3’s. I’m sure this video will help, it is just that the tankstick has an extra usb plug for the trackball.

    • Admin_Ashley

      Yes – you are correct – thanks for the information update. In my haste to get this out I overlooked the difference between the Tankstick and the standard X-Arcade arcade controller. Sorry if this was misleading to you – I’ll update the post with the correct information.