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Nice video of how to build a Raspberry Pi Arcade Cabinet

Just found this video on YouTube which goes through the process of building an Arcade Cabinet from scratch.

The YouTuber by the name “We Build Stuff” runs through cutting out all the materials and putting them together. He then goes through wiring up the cabinet and connection to a Raspberry Pi. He lists everything that is used in the build process and even mentions where he got the parts from.

Anyone thinking of building their own arcade cabinet would benefit greatly from watching this video. He follows up this video with a second video on how to get RecalBox up and running on your Raspberry Pi once the Arcade cabinet is built.



RecalBox finally out of Beta – full version 4.0.0 released

RecalBox 4.0.0 has been released and this means the full, final version is here. There are several updates and fixes included with this new version.

After going through 6 Beta versions it’s great to see the final release is now available.

Updates since the last beta include:

  • Support for USB keys
  • New ES languages
  • Retroachievements
  • New Recalbox theme
  • Powerswitch (through dedicated boards or GPIO)
  • New shaders + Integer Scale display
  • New automatic configuration for ScummVM, N64 and Moonlight

To find out more about this new version of RecalBox – please visit the official homepage at –

To download the latest version please go get it from GitHub here –

And here’s a YouTube video of RecalBox 4.0.0 in Action

Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit TV Show

For the true Retro Gaming fan here is a new TV show that is dedicated to watching celebrities and special guests battle against each other playing Retro Arcade and Computer games.

Hosted by the UK’s Dara O Briain and being broadcast on UK Channel DAVE, each episode sees a group of celebrities and stars facing off against each other in a variety of old and retro inspired games. As the name would suggest – older games are the main focus here and it will certainly bring back fond memories watching some of the old classics being played.

The show premiered on September 5th, but you can watch episodes online if you are after a good laugh.

You can read more about the TV show here –

or you can watch a preview on YouTube here:

New Commodore 64 game coming

Seems the good old Commodore 64 still has more to give with  a new game on the Horizon. Titled My Life!, it bills itself as the spiritual successor to the well known favorite Mikie.

Take control of Eugene, a hapless chappie, who has to work his way through a stressful week in order to earn a well-earned sleep-in at the weekend.  Avoid all manner of meanies including vicious vacuum cleaners, rampaging roadsweepers, terrible toddlers, scary security guards and more as you stomp your way through each screen.

Features of the new game include:

• 20 screens to stomp your way through!

• Tons of catchy tunes and arcade style jingles!

• Fantastic colourful cartoon graphics and detailed characters!

• Stunning authentic retro-style packaging!

• End scene – if you can reach it!
For more information visit the official website for the game at –
you can also checkout the action on Youtube here –


Welcome to the site of Raspberry Retro. This site is dedicated to the growing number of people who are interested in using the Raspberry Pi for Retro Gaming. Here you will find up to date news on anything related to retro gaming on the Pi, including building cabinets and consoles, how to install the software to get it all running and what to do once it’s all installed.

Retro Gaming involves using emulators to ’emulate’ the old gaming systems such as the Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Mega Drive and even old PC’s like the Commodore 64, Apple II and Sinclair Spectrum. Old handheld devices like the Atari Lynx, Nintendo DS and even the good old Game & Watch can also be emulated. But what get’s most people excited about Retro gaming is the fact that you can play many of the old arcade machines like Space Invaders or Pacman.

This opens up the retro gaming scene to have access to literally tens of thousands of games that you can play around with and satisfy your individual tastes. The scene is continually evolving as well – so the amount of systems being emulated and the games available just keeps getting bigger. Check out our Software section to get an idea of just what types of systems and games are available.

All of this and running on a very cheap little computer that fits in the palm of your hand. The Raspberry Pi really has opened up a world of possibilities to the home user. Retro Gaming is but one of those possibilities – but it really is a good and entertaining one.

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Happy Retro Gaming …