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SNES Micro – Raspberry Pi Zero powered Super Nintendo

Here’s an interesting Raspberry Pi Zero project if you’ve got a bit of time and crafting skills under your belt.

A user on YouTube under the name Lyberty5 has used a Raspberry Pi Zero to make a Super Nintendo (SNES) type console. Now it doesn’t quite have the functionality of an actual SNES but certainly looks the part and will ultimately play way more games from a variety of consoles and arcade machines.

The YouTube video – shown below – runs through how to make the case and use clay to mold a pretty good reproduction of the SNES.

Lyberty5 also runs through all the parts used and soldering tasks required to make this little Pi Powered games machine.

You can read more about this project on the Adafruit blog at –

And here is the tutorial video on YouTube –

Picades are now back in stock

After seemingly a long wait, Pimoroni now has the Picade back in stock available for order and delivery.

The Picade is a small cabinet designed to house a Raspberry Pi and replicate the look and feel of the old style arcade cabinets.

For a further information on the Picade you can checkout our rundown here –

You get get even more information direct from the Pimoroni source here –

And here’s a shot of the Picade in all its glory