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SNES Micro – Raspberry Pi Zero powered Super Nintendo

Here’s an interesting Raspberry Pi Zero project if you’ve got a bit of time and crafting skills under your belt.

A user on YouTube under the name Lyberty5 has used a Raspberry Pi Zero to make a Super Nintendo (SNES) type console. Now it doesn’t quite have the functionality of an actual SNES but certainly looks the part and will ultimately play way more games from a variety of consoles and arcade machines.

The YouTube video – shown below – runs through how to make the case and use clay to mold a pretty good reproduction of the SNES.

Lyberty5 also runs through all the parts used and soldering tasks required to make this little Pi Powered games machine.

You can read more about this project on the Adafruit blog at –

And here is the tutorial video on YouTube –

All in one Raspberry Pi powered X-Arcade Tankstick

A guy on YouTube by the alias i64X has fitted a Raspberry Pi inside an X-Arcade Tankstick to make an all in one Retro Games controller.

The Tankstick is well known in the arcade games community as a great control system, solidly built and designed to last. Many people use them when building their full size games systems.

This project however decided to fit the Raspberry Pi inside the Tankstick and make it a portable and simple to use device. All that is needed in connection to a TV via HDMI and power.

The video runs through exactly what was used in getting the Pi installed in the Tankstick as well as each step of the process. While it is a tight fit with all the components inside the Tankstick it goes together pretty easily and can be done by any hobbyist.

Checkout the video on YouTube here

Make your own Raspberry Pi powered Arcade Control Unit

Those of you not wanting to commit to a full blown arcade cabinet might be interested in having just an arcade control unit. This is basically the arcade controls – joystick and buttons which you can then attach to your monitor or TV and play your arcade games. The control box itself houses your Raspberry Pi so it is an all in one unit making it very portable and easy to use. It differs from simply using a Raspberry Pi case in that it gives the player the arcade look and feel.

There are several Arcade control units available out there to buy and use but nothing beats making your own. You get a sense of satisfaction from making it yourself – and you can setup the layout however you want. You can also make it whatever size you want and whatever material you want to use.

A user on YouTube by the name Hacker House has done a nice video tutorial on how to make your own arcade control unit. He runs through making the cutouts and holes, how to wire up and parts needed for the project. It is very simple to follow and he also runs through setting up RetroPie on the unit once it is built.

If you have a desire to make your own arcade control unit please watch the following video.