From Bedrooms to Billions : The Amiga Years available to watch now

The follow up to the fantastic documentary From Bedrooms to Billions, which detailed the rise of computer gaming in the late 70’s and early 80’s has been released to the public. This time the filmmakers have focused on the Amiga, following it from inception through to being fought over by Commodore and Atari and it final release to the public.

The film includes interviews and information from people actually involved in the original Amiga project and some of the game developers that absolutely loved the Amiga platform. At just over 2 hours and 30 minutes long there’s plenty to watch but it is a brilliantly made movie and if you have any interest in Retro Gaming and lived through this era than it should be a must see.

You can view more information from the From Bedrooms to Billions website at –

The movie is available for rent or buy through the above website – or through Steam.

And here is a preview of the movie