The Porta-Pi is a desktop sized bartop arcade cabinet that can be supplied in several forms. You can buy it as a cabinet kit only – which will build the cabinet shell only and you’ll have to supply your own parts such as joystick, buttons, wiring, screen and everything else.

It can also be supplied as a full kit which basically includes the cabinet plus everything else (except the Raspberry Pi) needed to build it into a functioning arcade machine.

Lastly it can also be supplied as a fully assembled kit which basically means it has already been built and just needs you to plug in your Raspberry Pi and start gaming.

These kits come in different flavors as well – which can include either a 9 inch or 10 inch screen – and whether you want a wooden or acrylic cabinet.

For more information on the Porta-Pi please visit the Porta-Pi website at www.retrobuiltgames.com and follow the menu to the Porta-Pi section.

Here are some pictures of the Porta-Pi