indieGO! nearing end of campaign

indieGO!, the all-in-one Retro console that separates itself from others by including an inbuilt DVD-RW drive is nearing the end of it’s Indiegogo campaign – with expected shipping around June 2016. The device can also be used as a media centre. The DVD-RW drive will allow the indieGO! to play games from the Amiga CD32, Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn, TurboGrafx and more.

The indieGO! will come in two different version – one powered by a Raspberry Pi 2 and the othe rpowered by an Odroid XU4. Each version will ship with a multi-boot OS which includes Android, AEROS and indieGO!-OS (their own proprietary OS).

Preorders are still available.

You can view the Indigogo campaign and more details about the indieGO! at the following link –

And here’s a YouTube video of the indieGO! in action.