Lakka updated with new version of RetroArch

Lakka, one of the lesser known options for Retro Gaming on the Raspberry Pi has just gone through an update. It now includes the latest version of RetroArch – version 1.3.6.

Changes from the previous version include :

  • Updated RetroArch to 1.3.6, this brings in all the new shiny stuff about downloading free games directly from the menu.
  • Updated kernel and GPU blobs for OdroidXU3. Performance is said to be better.
  • Atari800 packaged
  • Assets, core informations, databases updated
  • Fixed FBA scanning
  • Updated Gambatte, fixes the savestates bug
  • Fixed command line updater for imx6
  • Added an ncurses interface for easier wifi configuration (still command line based)
  • moved the builds to a new server provided by a sponsor

You can read the official release page here –

Or you can download the latest version from here –