Lakka is an interesting software choice as it is basically a frontend for a single emulator. That emulator however is RetroArch, which is probably the most feature rich emulator available, able to emulate more systems than just about any other emulator.

RetroArch separates every system being emulated into different cores, which themselves are being constantly worked on and updated.

Lakka can many emulate systems and is continually evolving so be sure to checkout the Lakka website at – for the latest information.

The main interface for Lakka may not have quite the same polish or user friendly appearance as RetroPie or RecalBox but it is functional. If you’ve ever used a Sony Playstation or PSP you’ll feel familiar with the menu driven interface of Lakka. You can add items such as artwork and some Meta Information but it is more about being a slick, functional interface without the extras.

That’s not to say it doesn’t look nice.

Lakka is available for most platforms, but you can download the latest version for the Raspberry Pi from here – – just be sure to choose the correct version for your Raspberry Pi model.

Here’s a Youtube video of Lakka in action