Make your own Raspberry Pi powered Arcade Control Unit

Those of you not wanting to commit to a full blown arcade cabinet might be interested in having just an arcade control unit. This is basically the arcade controls – joystick and buttons which you can then attach to your monitor or TV and play your arcade games. The control box itself houses your Raspberry Pi so it is an all in one unit making it very portable and easy to use. It differs from simply using a Raspberry Pi case in that it gives the player the arcade look and feel.

There are several Arcade control units available out there to buy and use but nothing beats making your own. You get a sense of satisfaction from making it yourself – and you can setup the layout however you want. You can also make it whatever size you want and whatever material you want to use.

A user on YouTube by the name Hacker House has done a nice video tutorial on how to make your own arcade control unit. He runs through making the cutouts and holes, how to wire up and parts needed for the project. It is very simple to follow and he also runs through setting up RetroPie on the unit once it is built.

If you have a desire to make your own arcade control unit please watch the following video.