Latest RecalBox brings RP3 support

The latest version of RecalBox couldn’t come early enough for upgraders to the Raspberry Pi 3. RecalBox 4.0.0 beta 2 has been released which now supports the Pi 3 but unfortunately doesn’t support the older Pi2. Admittedly it is a beta version so development is ongoing and really is just a test bed for people to try. This latest version brings some new added features and tweaks which include the following:

  • Initial Pi3 support ! Pi3 has a dedicated version which is not compatible with Pi2. We made a first pass on Pi3 specific improvements on emulators, more to come in later releases. Please remember this is the first Pi3 release and is still experimental. Wifi works, not Bluetooth.
  • Added support for power management boards
  • Added rpi gpio and wiringpi
  • Added OOB IR remote controls
  • Fixed keyboard issue in EmulationStation
  • Fixed retroachievement support on picodrive and fceumm libretro cores
  • Fixed long loading of CD images
  • Fixed system locales
  • Updated 8bitdo gamepads configuration
  • Bumped to moonlight-embedded-2.1.4
  • Added better support for keyboard encoders

For more information on this latest release you can go directly to the RecalBox website at

You can also view this latest release in action here