Pi Cart – A Raspberry Pi Zero inside an NES Cartridge

Just when you thought putting a Raspberry Pi inside a weird enclosure had reached a plateau, along comes the Pi Cart.  This little project involves putting a Raspberry Pi Zero, with a USB hub inside an old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) cartridge.

It seems fairly simple and the guy behind the project by name Zach has made a fairly detailed tutorial on how to do it yourself. A complete list of parts used is shown, as well as an actual instructional video to go along with the written instructions.


If your after a cool little project to get your friends talking this could be a hit.

You can read more about the project here – https://howchoo.com/g/mti0oge5nzk/pi-cart-a-raspberry-pi-retro-gaming-rig-in-an-nes-cartridge

And here is the YouTube instructional video for you to watch