Pi Entertainment System (PES) version 2.0 released

We’re a little behind the 8 ball here but not by much. Version 2 of PES has been released and comes with a pretty major GUI overhaul. A list of the updates and new features include:

  • ROM scanning is now up to 5x faster thanks to a parallel (multi processor) approach
  • New GUI with various features!
  • Added PS3 GASIA support
  • Added support for RetroAchievements.org
  • FAT32 now used for /data partition

For more information you can visit the official PES website at – http://pes.mundayweb.com/

A video of PES v2.0 in action is here on YouTube (although it is in Spanish Brazilian Portuguese you can get an idea of what PES 2.0 looks like)

  • OinkBrasil

    The video is in Brazilian Portuguese, not Spanish 😉

    • ashmck73

      My apologies – I’ll update the post with the correct information. Thank you for pointing it out.