piServer – Add SATA, a USB Hub and Optical Audio to your Raspberry Pi

Here’s an interesting project currently up on IndieGoGo. The piServer is an enclosure for the Raspberry Pi 3 that incorporates a USB 2.0 HUB, Sata Hard Drive controller (allowing for a 2.5 inch drive inside the enclosure) and a Wolfson digital audio processor with optical output.

This really opens up the expandability of the Raspberry Pi. It also manages to keep the Raspberry Pi a small package even with all these added features. One of the most wanted items on the Raspberry Pi is included in the piServer and that is a power on/off switch. The enclosure itself looks similar in style to an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, but appears not much bigger than a standard Raspberry Pi case – maybe a little thicker.

The IndieGoGo campaign by Nightshade Electronics is trying to raise $90,000 for this project so please go over there and checkout all the information about the product.

You can view the IndieGoGo campaign page here – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/piserver-the-ultimate-raspberry-pi-enclosure#/

You can also view the introduction video here