I run the scraper from EmulationStation but why does no artwork or metadata show up ?


When you run the scraper from EmulationStation (RetroPie or RecalBox) there are two things you need to be aware of first.

  • Not all systems will have artwork and metadata available. Some of the more obscure and less popular consoles and computer systems don’t have any artwork available for them. You can check this by going to TheGamesDB (http://www.thegamesdb.net). This is the site that the scraper will download the artwork and game details from. Check and make sure the system you are trying to scrape is actually listed up on TheGamesDB. If it isn’t up on there, then the scrape will not work.
  • The actual names of the game rom files you have can have a dramatic effect on whether the scraper will work or not. From experience, one of the main reasons a scrape will fail is because you have downloaded a romset that has a different naming convention to what the site the scraper is contacting is looking for. If the name of your roms don’t match the ones up on the scraper site then a match cannot be made and therefore the scrape will fail. You may need to do some Google researching to find a working correctly named romset for the system you want to scrape.

The scraper is getting more sophisticated and effective all the time so the process of scraping is getting easier and easier.

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