If I buy a Raspberry Pi, what else do I need to get to start Retro Gaming ?


Once you have your Raspberry Pi, there are a few thing you will need to get into Retro Gaming.

First off you will need an SD Card – this will be the storage on which you install an operating system and the software to run the emulators for retro gaming.

You will need an HDMI cable to run from your Raspberry Pi to whatever you will use as a display – either a monitor or TV

You will need some way of powering the Raspberry Pi – either a power supply, or a USB cable.

A joystick or gamepad to play the games. These can be either wired (USB) or Wireless (via USB Dongle or Bluetooth)

A USB / wireless Keyboard. While this is not a necessity you will, more than likely, have to do some tasks via the command line with your Raspberry Pi so a keyboard is a good idea.

Lastly you will need the software to run on the Raspberry Pi (see our software section for more info on this). You will then need to get hold of the games to play – these can be easily downloaded from the internet and a quick Google search will point you in the right direction.

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