RecalBox v4.0.0 Beta 3 released

A new version of RecalBox has just been released – version 4.0.0 beta 3. This brings us one step closer to the full version 4 release.

A host of tweaks and updates have been made – as well as the inclusion of the new RecalBox official theme.


A list of changes include:

  • Recalbox theme by default
  • Xarcade2jstick button remapped + better support of IPAC encoders
  • Added IPAC2 keyboard encoder
  • Patched xpad driver to support Xbox One controllers in USB mode
  • Updated gamepads inputs to support moonlight
  • Fix some kodi bugs about joysticks
  • Added OpenGL + scalers supports to scummvm
  • Power management switch support for pin 5/6
  • Fix freeze issue with libretro-mgba core
  • Added megatools
  • Added new recalbox 4.0.0 systems
  • Added crt-pi shaders
  • Fix Namco/Taito games in mame2003
  • Added kempston joystick by default for zxspectrum
  • Updated scummvm to version 1.8
  • Added VIM

For more information you can visit the RecalBox blog at –

or you can go directly to the downloads area here –