RecalBox v4.0.0 Beta 4 released

Another month and another update to RecalBox. This brings the beta releases up to version 4 so the official full release of version 4.0 shouldn’t be too far off – as quoted from the RecalBox website.

This new beta version includes many new updates and features including:

– Update to “moonlight-embedded-2.2.1” (it still displays 2.2.0 when running), adds support for “GFE 2.11”
– Added “enet” library for “moonlight-embedded-2.2.0”
– Solved a bug on “xarcade” where the B button and the Hotkey were sending the same event
– Slide transition by default in “EmulationStation”
– Power management switch support (power, reset and LED) for pin 3/5/6
– Added “ifconfig -a” and “/boot/recalbox-boot.conf” in “”
– “S99Custom” now transmits its init parameter to “”
– Bumped “retroarch” to version 1.3.4
– Add “ipega 9021” rules
– Added “stat” in busybox
– Added integer scale (Pixel Perfect) option!

For more information checkout the RecalBox blog at –

and you can download this latest beta release from here –