RetroPie 3.7 released

In conjuction with the launch of their new website, the RetroPie guys have released version 3.7 of their software.

New experimental  modules have been added as well as the inclusion of the LXDE desktop environment making your RetroPie box even more versatile.

There are also several updates to existing modules and emulators, along with the usual tweaks and fixes.

Many people will be pleased as well with the ports of the following games making it into this release: Xrick (Port of Rick Dangerous), The Ur Quan Masters (port of Star Control 2), SDLPoP (port of Prince of Persia), Micropolis (Si City Classic clone) and several others (including OpenBOR – bring on the fighting games..).

You can read the full list of changes on the RetroPie website at –

Or simply go direct to the download page at –