RetroPie version 4.0 available

Great news this week with the release of the beta version of RetroPie 4.0 (beta2). This new version brings a whole host of new features and shows the future direction that the RetroPie team is heading with the project.

While it is not being pushed as their official release, you can download this beta and test it out.

Some of the improvements and added features include:

  • Setup script improvements:
    • Added the ability to install/update and remove packages.
    • Added help docs to the setup script.
  • Renamed mednafen emulators to beetle to match upstream libretro repositories.
  • Input configuration script to set up player 1 automatically on pifba.
  • Updated PSP emulators ppsspp and lr-ppsspp with a fix for the pausing during play.
  • Autostart improvements: boot to kodi option added – (exiting kodi will take you back to emulationstation).
  • Improvements to the bluetooth module.
  • Splashscreen improvements: New default splashscreen thanks to rookervik and a new splashscreen repository with more splashscreens.
  • New experimental modules:
    • TRS-80 emulator sdltrs.
    • TI-99/4A emulator ti99sim.
    • Oric 1/Atmos emulator Oricutron.
    • Dinothawr (lr-dinothawr – standalone libretro puzzle game).
    • Alternate Virtual Gamepad by sbidolach.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements.

You can download RetroPie 4.0 beta 2 from the official download site here –

Also checkout this breakdown video posted by one of the RetroPie team –