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Worlds smallest arcade cabinet powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero

This one comes from Adafruit and is being touted as the worlds smallest arcade cabinet.

Using the ultra small Raspberry Pi Zero as its brains, this small arcade cabinet measures just 6.72cm (2.64 inches) high. It comes with a 0.96 inch RGB OLED screen (yeah – that’s small) and has an inbuilt amplifier for sound.


As you can see from the above picture it’s doubtful you could make this any smaller as the Raspberry Pi Zero forms the backbone of the system.

MAME is the software running on this cabinet and seems to be doing a good job of playing and displaying the games.

For more information you can checkout the Adafruit page here – https://learn.adafruit.com/worlds-smallest-mame-arcade-cabinet/overview

and here’s a YouTube video of the cabinet in action