Turn an old Commodore 64 into a Gibsonian Cyberdeck

Fans of scifi and cyberpunk author William Gibson will probably recognise this as a Cyberdeck from his Sprawl trilogy of books. Using an old (non working) Commodore 64 and powered by a Raspberry Pi 3, a user by the name D10D3 has built his own cyberdeck as an homage to the author and his works.

You to can get in on the action and build one yourself, as D10D3 has provided a useful tutorial on the project, outlining what parts are used and how to get it all working together.


You can view the tutorial here – http://n-o-d-e.net/post/150716000076/how-to-create-a-cyberdeck64

And here is a link to more images of the Cyberdeck – http://imgur.com/a/knY8l