Formatting your SD Card

There will come a time when you just want to get rid of what’s already on your SD card. Follow these instructions and you’ll be fine. These are written for either Windows or MAC users.

First – grab yourself a copy of  SD Formatter from the SD Associations website at .

Make sure you have some way of attaching the SD card to your computer – you may need some type of Multi Card reader if you’re using a desktop.

Once you have downloaded the file and installed it, open the program from the icon it installed. It should look like this:



You should see a drive letter that your system has given the SD Card and Also the size. Don’t be concerned if the Size doesn’t match the actual size of your SD card. Some Linux Installs that the Raspberry Pi uses sets up weird partitioning on the SD Card so it won’t show up as the full size. Not to worry – just make sure you have the right drive letter selected and we’re ready to continue.

Click on the Option button then change the selection to:

  • FORMAT TYPE – Full Erase

It should look like the following


Once you have these set – click the OK button .

You will be taken back to the main SD Formatter window but you will now notice that the Options under Format Option have changed.


To go ahead with the format click the Format button. You will be presented with a Confirmation window. If you are indeed happy to continue just click the OK button.


Depending on the size of your SD card the actual format should only take a few seconds. Once complete you will get a Format Complete window.


And that’s it – your SD Card is formatted. You can check the size of your SD card as listed next to Total Space as this should now reflect the whole size of your SD Card.

Simply click the Exit button to quit out of SD Formatter..