Installing RecalBox

Installing RecalBox is a very simple affair. Firstly we will need to get hold of the latest copy of the RecalBox installation. Please go to the RecalBox website and download from the following link –

Next, make sure you have a formatted SD card of sufficient size to hold all the gaes you will be wanting to play. If you’re not sure about formatting an SD card please refer to our tutorial which can be found at –

OK, now unzip the file you downloaded from the Recalbox website and either extract it to a folder on your local hard drive, then copy the files to the SD card – or just extract directly to the SD Card.

Once the files are copied to the SD card the contents should look something similar to this:


Now, safely remove the SD card from your system and insert into your Raspberry Pi.

As the Raspberry Pi boots up the installation of RecalBox with start and it will go through several processes such as formatting the drive partitions and setting up hardware. Just sit back and relax for a couple of minutes as it does its thing.

Once it has fully installed and loaded you’ll be presented with the RecalBox inerface (it’s actually the EmulationStation inferface) and if you have a controller you will be asked to configure it. Run through the controller configuration and you’re done with the Installation. Pretty simple.


  • Fabrizio Caruso

    Recalbox is hard to set up… No video on CRT. You need to edit config through Noobs.
    Retropie switches automatically to whatever video mode you have plugged.