Installing RetroPie

Here we will run through the process of installing RetroPie onto an SD card for your Raspberry Pi.

Before we start if you don’t already have it we need to get hold of a copy of Win32 Disk Imager. This is the software we will use to write the RetroPie image file to the SD Card. You can download the latest version of Win32 Disk Imager from here –

Next we need to get hold of the latest copy of RetroPie – and also the correct version of RetroPie for your raspberry Pi. Go to the RetroPie downloads page and download the appropriate file. The download site is here – You’ll also be asked if you want the Standard or BerryBoot version. Just go for the Standard version – BerryBoot allows you to install multiple OS’s onto a single card but comes with its own issues. Play it safe and just go Standard.

OK – now that we have the RetroPie image file downloaded to our PC you’ll need to extract it. The file will have come down as a .gz file so it needs to be uncompressed. Use your extraction software (Winzip, WinRAR or whatever you use) and extract the file to some location on your hard drive.

We need to attach an SD card to the PC to be written to. Once you’ve done that fire up Win32 Disk Imager to get the process started.


From the Win32 Disk Imager window we want to make sure our SD Card is the one selected so click on the little down arrow under Device and make sure the drive letter selected is indeed your SD Card. Next, click on the little blue Folder Icon to bring up an explorer window – and then browse to the RetroPie image file you just extracted.


Click the image file to select it then click the Open button to select it. You will then be taken back to the Win32 Disk Imager window and it will show that the RetroPie image file has been selected.


Now – to kickoff the installation of the image file onto the SD Card we just need to click the Write button. You get a little popup window asking for confirmation of what you are about to do.


Click Yes to proceed.

If you get the following error you will need to first format your SD card.


If you need help formatting your SD Card you can follow our tutorial here –

If all goes well the installation process will start and you will see the green progress bar slowly incrementing.


After a minute or so the write should complete and you’ll be presented with with the Write Successful window – click OK to continue.


That’s it – the RetroPie image has been written to your SD Card. You can close down Win32 Disk Imager and remove the SD Card from your computer.

Insert the SD Card into your Raspberry Pi and let it boot and finalise the installation.