WD brings HDD easy storage to the Raspberry Pi

Called the PiDrive, the Western Digital hard drive brings 314GB of Storage – odd number you might say but obvious when you remember what Pi’s numerical value is. The drive is based on Western Digitals HDD technology but to make it more Pi friendly it draws less power.

Western Digital has also thrown in some interesting utilities with the drive including a customised WDLABS version of Berryboot (the Multi-OS boot manager). A range of accessories is available as well which include cables, power kits and enclosures.

A US street price of $31.40 continues the Pi theme and makes it a cheap way of getting more out of your Raspberry Pi.

More information about the PiDrive can be found on the WDLABS website at wdlabs.wd.com/products/wd-pidrive-314gb