World 1-1 : A Video Game History Documentary

Just watched a fantastic documentary about the early pioneers of the video game industry. Basically runs through the first video games that were created and the rise of companies like Atari up until the video game crash of the early 80’s.

Has interviews with some of the key players at the time like Nolan Bushnell (Mr Atari) and some of the designers behind classic hits like Yars Revenge, Centipede, Pitfall and many more.

Definately worth a watch if you lived through that era or you have an attachment to retro gaming.

You can find out more about Worl 1-1 at their website here –

And here’s a trailer for the movie

  • Brian

    Thanks for posting. I find the history and trends of the video game industry as fascinating as the games themselves. It makes me wonder what the future will hold. Console’s rise and fall was followed by the arcade’s fall shortly after. Console’s came back but many see them as fading again as mobile rises. Mobile is rising so fast could that lead to a crash? So many questions. Only time will tell.

  • Admin_Ashley

    Yeah – everything goes in cycles and it feels like the age of the home console is on the decline. Mobiles are becoming more powerful and the fact you carry them on you pretty much all the time means it’s becoming your “goto” option for gaming.

    Not everyone wants to invest 50+ hours into a game so the casual couple minutes here and there on a phone or tablet can be just the fix you need.